There is no doubt that the most sensational moment of TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul Cup and TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul Open’s combined press conferences was Caroline Wozniacki’s hologram appearance.

25-year-old former world no.1 was suddenly on the screen right after she was announced to make a return to Istanbul where she won the title two years ago. Danish star who has outclassed Roberta Vinci in 2014 final, said she’s extremely happy that she’ll be back to Garanti Koza Arena and beautiful city of Istanbul.

“I love Istanbul. You have great food. Turkish people are warm, sincere, hospitable. I also want to say thanks to my fans” stated Wozniacki, as she believes that Istanbul has a great potential to be a tennis center just like Florida. In response to a question whether she’d be interested to play doubles partnering a Turkish player, Caro answered that although she doesn’t play many doubles matches that would be really nice to team up with a Turk.

Afterwards Caroline Wozniacki played tennis with Turkey’s no.1 male tennis player Marsel Ilhan on the screen where they were both seen via hologram technology to create unforgettable scenes.