Tickets for TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul Cup, which is held at Koza World of Sports Arena between April 18 – 24, will be on sale on 1st of March at 11.00am through Biletix.

Ninth edition of the WTA tournament is offering two sessions of tickets from Monday to Friday as there are “Morning” and “Night” sessions during these days. Fans also have the chance to buy Weekly Tickets to follow all the matches. Qualifying action is again free of charge.

Here’s the price list for TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul Cup tickets:

General sale:
Monday: Morning 15 TL – Night 15 TL
Tuesday: Morning 15 TL – Night 15 TL
Wednesday: Morning 20 TL – Night 20 TL
Thursday: Morning 30 TL – Night 30 TL
Friday: Morning 30 TL – Night 50 TL
Saturday: 80 TL (All Matches)
Sunday: 100 TL (All Matches)
Weekly tickets: 420 TL

VIP Tickets (Will be on sale on 9th of March through Tix Box)
Monday: Morning 45 TL – Night 45 TL
Tuesday: Morning 45 TL – Night 45 TL
Wednesday: Morning 60 TL – Night 60 TL
Thursday: Morning 90 TL – Night 90 TL
Friday: Morning 90 TL – Night 150 TL
Saturday: 240 TL (All Matches)
Sunday: 300 TL (All Matches)